Martin Amis’s Cause of Death: The British Novelist Passed Away at 73

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Martin Amis was a well-known English novelist, essayist, memoirist, and scriptwriter from the United Kingdom. At the age of 73, he died at his home in Lake Worth, Florida. His spouse, Isabel Fonseca, stated that the reason was oesophagal cancer.

Martin Amis Family Life

Martin was born on 25 august 1949, in an English literature family in Oxford, England. His father, is well-known English novelist Kingsley Amis, and his mother’s name is Hilary Ann Bardwell, He has a brother named Philip & a sister named Sally.

Martin Amis at childhood
Martin Amis in childhood (Source:-Shutterstock)

Martin is married to Antonia Phillips who is first wife of his. Then Martin is married to a former writer Isabel Fonseca, and she is his second wife. They have two daughters.

Martin Amis’s Career

Martin’s first novel is  The Rachel Papers which is published in 1973. Then he wrote many novels at a young age like Dead Babies (1975), Success (1977), and Other People: A Mystery Story (1981).

The most well-known books by Amis are Money and London Fields. For his memoir Experience, he got the James Tait Black Memorial Prize, and he received nominations for the Booker Prize twice.

Martin’s Interview video [Source: The Guardian]

Martin Amis’s Best Novels

Novels NameThe Rachel Papers (1973)
Dead Babies (1975)
Success (1978)
Other People (1981)
Money (1984)
London Fields (1989)
The Information (1995)
Night Train (1997)
Yellow Dog (2003)
House of Meetings (2006)
The Pregnant Widow (2010)
Lionel Asbo: State of England (2012)
The Zone of Interest (2014)
Inside Story (2020)

Martin’s Other Notable Work

Amis was hired as a creative writing professor at The Manchester Centre for Creative Writing at the University of Manchester in February 2007 and began in September 2007.

From October 2007 to July 2011, Amis held public discussions with other experts on literature and various topics at Manchester University’s Whitworth Hall and Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall (21st-century literature, terrorism, religion, Philip Larkin, science, Britishness, suicide, sex, ageing, violence, film, the short story, and America).

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Martin Amis
Martin Amis

Martin Amis’s controversy

Amis was interviewed by The Times Magazine in 2006 regarding community relations in Britain and the “threat” posed by Muslims, and he was cited as stating, “What can we do to increase the price of them doing this?”

There’s a strong desire, don’t you think, to say, ‘The Muslim community will have to suffer until it gets its house in hand.’ What kind of agony? They are not allowed to travel.

Martin Amis’s Death Cause

Since childhood, he saw his father as a smoker for this Martin is addicted to smoking and he is a lifelong smoker. For smoking reasons, he has oesophageal cancer stage 2.

Amis died at his home in Florida on 19 May 2023. His friend Christopher Hitchens died of complications from the same type of cancer.

Martin Amis smoking Picture
Martin Amis smoking Picture


Here we have discussed Martin Amis’s career, personal life, death news, notable works and others. so, no doubt he was an outstanding writer and he achieved a lot of many more things in life, we hope that he must be rest in peace.

FAQ About Martin Amis

Q: Who is Martin Amis?

A: Martin was a well-known English novelist, essayist, memoirist, and scriptwriter from the United Kingdom.

Q: What is Martin Amis’s Height?

A: 5 feet 6 inches.

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